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You may have the job or career that you have always dreamed of and in which case we can show you how to achieve peak performance, day in, day out.

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Our programs and coaching will put you in the driving seat of your life and help you get where you want to go. We call it a “satnav” for your life. We help you set the coordinates of what you want to be, do, have and then we provide you with the means to get there. Live life on purpose rather than reacting to circumstances.

You owe it to yourself.

Laser in on your goals and make them a reality, with ATTRACTION LIVING.


Nothing stands still

We have all heard phrases like “I am stuck” or “I am in limbo”. Guess what, neither of these statements can be true. Energy is constantly moving or vibrating in this moment of now you cannot be the same as you were in the moment of now that preceded it. So if you feel you are stuck the reality is you are creating your own limitations because you are either moving towards what you want or moving backwards towards what you don’t want. There is no time where you will be standing still.


Creation starts when you decide to change

I know we are creating what we experience whether we do it consciously or not. What I mean here is if you are in a cycle where the same things keep happening, with the same unwanted outcomes then you have to make a conscious decision to change so that NEW creation can start.


The decision in this instance becomes your first step to new experiences and preferred outcomes. Making the decision is like the Confucius quote – a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


Life would be boring without contrast

Imagine if we lived in world where there was no individuality. We are all the same height, have the same hair colour and wear the same clothes. Our cars are identical, so are our homes, we holiday at the same times and go to the same places in fact there are no challenges whatsoever. Because there are no challenges and everyone thinks and acts the same – how long do you think it would be before we all went stir crazy? We need to be inspired, we need contrast and new desires, otherwise we simply could not grow.


Changing trajectories

Today I was reminded of the definition of insanity by a company I have been talking to recently. Their business has suffered badly during the recession and yet they have maintained the status quo. So they are doing what they have always done and are expecting a different result. Their trajectory which is downwards will not change and may lead to a very hard landing! The smallest changes you can make in your life will alter your trajectory, and assuming they are positive ones then the trajectory has to be upwards.


Congratulate yourself

Today is a special day. Today is not going to be a day of deep explorations into the metaphysical. Today is a celebration of you. Whatever you do today whether it preparing lunch for the kids, or doing something at work, or any activity whatsoever, tell yourself you were GREAT! Yes that ‘s right, every task that you do today, give yourself a mental pat on the back or even a great big energy hug and say “Aren’t I great.” Play with it; have fun with it and give yourself all of the appreciation and enthusiasm you deserve. In the words of the ad, “you’re worth” it. Enjoy!



When we are stuck, or procrastinating over something, it is often because we simply do not have clarity. We may be confused about what we really want or caught up in a “loop” in our thinking that keeps us going around in circles.

It takes a massive amount of effort to push a car that is stationary, but once it is moving, it gets easier keep it moving forwards. Clarity always brings energy. It unburdens you from situations and helps you build momentum.


Meaning of Inspiration

  Take a look at the word inspired – can see see that the root of the word is Spirit. When you are inspired you are completely aligned with your Spirit and Source, that is why it is so exhilarating, that it why when you add faith to it, you truly can move mountains. Find something that will really light your fires and be inspired today :)


Modeling the clay

If you continue to look at what you appear to see and keep describing what you see and don’t change the story, it is like taking a lump of clay and doing nothing with it.

Once the imagination takes hold you change the clay by forming the shape you picture in your mind with your hands and fingers, you literally mould your masterpiece. The lump of earth becomes your creation and a thing of beauty. I hope my metaphor with the clay helps you shape a wonderful life on 2012.